Reiki Enlightenment

Reiki Enlightenment

Reiki Ray Training

Sound – Crystal – Creative Colour

Reiki Sound Ray – System  of  Reiki Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls to Practitioner and Master Level.
Directed under the Ray of Ascended Master Djwal Khul.

Reiki Crystal Ray – System  of  Reiki Crystal Healing to Practitioner and Master Level

Directed under the Ray of Ascended Master Kuthumi.

Reiki Creative Colour Ray – System  of  Reiki Colour Healing to Practitioner and Master Level

Directed under the Ray of Ascended Master Paul the Venetian.

Divine Rays of the Masters

Sound – Crystals – Creative Colour Rays

Reiki Enlightenment is a system of healing incorporating the Divine Rays of the Masters.  The Masters radiate their Rays to the earth, supporting you in exploring and connecting with you own gifts, within the modalities taught here, which includes healing outlines for Reiki Sound Ray, Reiki Crystal Ray and Reiki Creative Colour Ray, as an additional modalities to add to your Reiki Healing Tools.

Training Requirements:

For all Courses: Reiki 11, or Masters. Applicants accepted all Reiki Systems,
or: Experienced Healer.

Train in any module: Reiki Sound Ray, Crystal Ray, Creative Colour Ray.
There is no order of training, you may train in any one, or more modules.
Each module has its own Master Level which allows you to teach that module.

The Ascended Masters are Beings whom have transcended reality and have the knowledge and wisdom gained from many incarnations, on the path to Their Own Ascension.  Some Master’s have not experienced incarnations in a body.  The Ascended Master’s send the governing Rays into every modality of life.  This Healing Systems at Reiki Enlightenment are directed under the Ray of the Master Overseeing each Modality.

As we are stepping on the platform to our own Ascension, the assistance of the Ascended Masters, is vital to all those who hear the call from their own Higher Selves, the I Am Presence.