Reiki Crystal Ray

Reiki Crystal Ray

Reiki Crystal Healing

Next Course Date: Dates TBA
Friday 1 to 5pm, Sat & Sun 10 to 5pm

Overseen by the Ascended Master Kuthumi

Reiki Crystal Ray is a Practitioner  Course
Or: For yourself, friend and family

Qualification: Crystal Healer / Practitioner

Entry Level: Reiki 11 all Reiki lineages accepted
Or: If you are an experienced Healer with an interest in Crystals,
and some understanding of the healing qualities and names.

Investment: £300.00
Duration of the course: 2.5 days
After completion you may continue onto The Teacher Training level, if you wish to teach this module.

Qualification: Practitioner Level:
For Professional Qualification or for use with Friends and Family

Provides you with all the skills and information you require to become a confident Crystal Healer, combined with Reiki if you are a Reiki practitioner, or as a stand alone module for healers. You can add this module to your “Therapy Toolbox.”
Reiki, plus the Crystals, and the Rays of the Ascended Master Kuthumi, provide a very loving and powerful healing module, whilst supporting your own spiritual growth, and gaining a new professional skill.

This Course has the added bonus of being under the Illuminating Ray of the Ascended Master Kuthumi, you will be given a symbol to make a deeper connection and receive guidance.  For more information about Kuthumi, please go to the end of the page.

You will be a Qualified  Practitioner on completion of the course.
If you would like some feedback on case histories, I will continue to support you, for a period of 6 months.

Teacher Training: , If you would like to teach this course you will be required to submit 8 case histories, 1 x 1, 2 x 2 & 1 x 3. The homework will prepare you to continue in your training, and complete the 1 day Training Course to become a Reiki Crystal Ray Teacher.

Using Crystal Ray Healing for friends and family

If you prefer to use the training for personal use, friends and family, then the course is also perfect for you! Case studies are only required to be submitted,  if you wish to continue on and become a Crystal Ray Teacher, which is one extra day training.

Outline Itinery for Reiki Crystal Ray – Practitioner Level
  • Meditation: Connecting with the Ascended Master Kuthumi
  • Cleansing & Activating your Crystals
  • Meditation: Connecting with the Crystal Deva
  • Crystalline Structure of Crystals
  • The Charkas – An introduction
  • Crystals for each Chakra
  • Using a Pendulum
  • Dowsing the Chakras with a Pendulum
  • Selecting Crystals for healing
  • Healing properties of Crystals for:
  • * The chakras * pain relief * aliments * imbalances
  • Reiki Symbols and Crystals

Giving a Reiki Ray Crystal Healing

  • Invocation with Kuthumi
  • Grounding & Protection
  • Setting up the room
  • Giving a Crystal Healing Session
  • Crystal Layouts for the Chakras and Healing
  • Placing your client in a Crystal Grid
  • Activating the Grid
  • Manual provided
  • Practitioner Qualification Certificate
Reiki Crystal Ray Teachers Training

Requirements for the Course

  • Minimum of 4 months experience as a “Qualified Crystal Ray Practitioner”
  • 8 Case Histories to be completed, and submitted before the Teacher Training Day. 1×1, 2×2 & 1×3
  • Regular meditation connecting with Ascended Master Kuthumi, keep a notebook.
  • You will receive on going support after Module 1, by email, or phone if required.
Teacher Training Day

1 Day from 10.00 to 5.30pm. Please enquire for dates.
Group Training Day or one to one Training £ 225.

  • Bring your Case Histories
  • Write a Summary of your case histories and experiences as a Crystal Ray Healer.
  • Discussion and talks about your experiences and any questions answered
  • How you feel you have grown spiritually, and as a therapist of the Reiki Crystal Ray.
  • Write a short summary of your meditation experiences.
  • A guide and outline for Teaching Level 1 with manual on a usb stick, or paper copy.
  • A share of Reiki Crystal Ray Healing- time permitting

Reiki Crystal Ray Info

Requirements for the course: Reiki 11 or Masters
Course Duration 2.5 days:
Friday 12.30 – 5.30
Sat & Sun 10.00 – 5.30
Investment: £300.00 Advance payment

Crystals for the Course
You will provide your own Crystals for the Course, you will be sent a list of crystals required for the course, plus pictures to show you the recommended sizes.  You can however, begin with a smaller kit of crystals, and add to your collection at a later date.
Crystal Day in Glastonbury
There will be a meet up in Glastonbury at a set date before the course.  If you wish to have some help selecting your Crystals for the Course you can join us for free, and a fun day out.
Reiki Crystal Ray Teacher Level
Once you have completed the course, you will be asked to provide 8 case histories if you wish to Teach Reiki Crystal Ray Practitioner Course.
Upon completion, you may then join the 1 Day Teaching and  you will receive a Teaching Certificate.
1 Day Teaching: Investment: £225.00

Reiki Crystal Ray

Ascended Master Kuthumi