Online Reiki Courses


Online Live Reiki Courses for:
Usui Holy Fire ® Reiki I & II
Usui Holy Fire ® 111 Art / Masters

To take a Reiki Course Online you will require:

Students Online Requirements

  • Computer or tablet
  • Download and sign up for free Zoom at
  • Be present during the course, this is a live interactive course.
  • Use a separate room so you are not disturbed by family or pets.
  • Let other household members know you will be busy.
  • Stay focused on the Reiki Online Course, without other interactions with phones etc.
  • Have some relaxing music ready to play during your experiences, placements and Ignitions
  • Use your mute button during Experiences, Placements and Ignitions, so as not to disturb other course students with your music.
  • Make yourself comfortable, have a place you can relax during the meditation experiences.
  • Come back promptly after breaks.
  • Have your hard copy of your Reiki Manual available

You will receive:

  • For Reiki I & II, an online manual or posted to you.
  • For Reiki Masters you will receive a manual in the post before the course.

For Reiki I & II:  Read the Full Itinerary

  • Have a therapy couch set up in your healing room to practise the Reiki hand positions.
  • If there is a member of the household who you can practise on we can set a time.
  • Another option is to practise on a teddy bear or pillow.
  • Inform your teacher which of the two options above, is suitable for you.
  • Have your own music ready to play, as music form the tutorial, does not play well in a meeting.
  • Put your zoom sound button on mute when you are playing music, if there are other participants, so that you do not disturb them.
  • Have a quiet place undisturbed where you can relax and receive your Reiki Placement and Experiences.
  • For Reiki II you will be practising your Distant Reiki using the Symbols, online.

For Reiki Art / Masters: Read the Full Itinerary

  • The Online Holy Fire ® III Reiki Art/Masters is a similar outline for the in person course.
  • Held over 3 days, and will some interesting techniques developed by William Rand and the Team.
  • A Master Manual will be posted to you in advance.
  • You will receive and online Certificate, that will require printing.
  • Please let me know if you prefer a hard copy by post.
  • You will then be able to register with ICRT, which allows you to buy from their online shop and receive updates.
  • You can also join the Monthly World Peace Meditation.
  • Download any supplements at any time for free, at any level of Reiki.

At Reiki Enlightenment we support our Reiki Students with a Reiki Share Group, and ongoing support throughout your training and spiritual development.
The course outline and itinerary are in alignment with the ICRT and taught by Dee Banton Reiki Master/Teacher for 25years and Affiliated Teacher of the ICRT.