Kay Avalon – Clairvoyant Reading

Dee is a genuine intuitive and has a down-to-earth, friendly approach to her work. Once she had tuned-in, she quickly read my energy and could see the gaps in my path ahead where I would get “stuck”. I found her immensely wise and reassuring. Her suggestions and advice really resonated with me, enabling me to ditch past relationships that no longer served me and go forward in a positive, optimistic manner. A very inspiring psychic – I wholeheartedly recommend Dee to anyone thinking about a clairvoyant/tarot reading

Lesley Porter – St Germain and Reiki

Over the last two years I have completed the Reiki 1 & 2 and St Germain and the Violet Flame courses and I am now much more confident and joyful. Through the use of Reiki I am able to keep myself strong and healthy when working in a demanding job. The St Germain course has helped me to stay connected with my higher self and I am now more loving to both to myself and others. I could not have made so much progress without Dee’s careful guidance and wisdom, for which I am very grateful.

Lottie Sweeney – Reiki Drum

I had never heard of Reiki Drum Journeying before. What a transformative experience! I asked for Dee’s help with issues around feeling fearful and overhwelmed. After the first session I felt a real calmness and clarity, the other three sessions seemed to work on a progressively deeper level clearing old stuck things . Dee brings such wisdom, kindness and insight to these sessions. I felt very held during and after the journeying work. I highly recommend the Reiki Drum journeying with Dee, it is a wonderful, nuturing and deeply effecting experience which changes old patterns forever.

Lu Hersey – Reiki Drum

I had four sessions of Reiki Drum Journey with Dee, and can’t recommend this experience highly enough! Reiki Drum Journeying works on a very deep subliminal level, ultimately showing you a way to change habitual patterns in your thinking that may be preventing you achieve your life’s higher purpose. The sessions I had definitely helped me see things more clearly, and reach a deeper understanding of myself and what I wanted to achieve. Dee has had years of experience treating people through a wide range of therapies, giving her a unique expertise in healing people and helping them transform their lives. For me, the Reiki Drum Journeying has been the most effective I’ve ever experienced..

Mary Rynn – Belief Systems and Patterns

During my sessions with Dee she has focussed on area where I have been stuck due to my previous experiences and beliefs. She has helped me immensely by helping me process my thoughts in such away that I have become more positive and productive in my life. Letting go of pre existing negative beliefs and evaluating my thoughts and words in a more positive way. These sessions have created amazing positive shifts in my life. I am so grateful for her intuitive insight and gentle guidance. Thank you so much Dee

Natasha Anscombe – Usui Holy Fire Reiki 

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the most incredible life changing course. The Usui/Holy II Fire Reiki Masters kept me riveted from start to finish and I could not wait to learn more. It has already changed my life for the better in so many ways and this has not only benefited me but also my clients. Highly recommended!!

DNA Repatterining

I cannot begin to express the love and gratitude that I have for Dee Banton, she has truly changed my life. I initially went to see Dee with a number of complex issues, including a Near Death Experience and with Dee’s help have managed to turn my life around. I have more self confidence, more self esteem and for once feel happy in my “own skin”. If you can do one thing and one thing only, go and see Dee for DNA repatterning, I promise you, you will not regret it.

Jamie Schneider – Usui Holy Fire Reiki

Holy Fire Reiki Masters: It was an uplifting experience, Reiki gives you just what you need , even if you don’t known it !If you want to feel safe , calm, happy, content and full of love , experience Reiki Holy Fire  with Dee .‪  Thank you so much  x

Linda Dickens – Usui Holy Fire Reiki

So proud and pleased to say that I am now a Reiki Master of the Usui/HolyFire 11 Reiki Ryoho and can’t believe the difference. A very deep connection with the universal healing energy is something to behold. Thank you Dee, my dear Reiki Master teacher and Tash and Jamie for sharing the experience. 3 very special people xx

Hilary Swift – Reiki Sound Ray

I have just completed the Reiki Sound Ray course with Dee and wow…… what an amazing experience it was. Through Dee’s expertise and experience I had a very profound connection with the Ascended Master D.K. which was both very emotional and totally comforting….. I also learned how to give a wonderful Sound Ray Reiki treatment and am pleased to say that I am now a practitioner…. would recommend this course to everyone…. it could change you in so many ways. Thank you Dee and D.K. xx

John Donohoe – Sound Practitioner Training

Dee is a true professional who shares her knowledge and expertise openly in the area of holistic healing, sound healing and vibrational medicine.

Gill – Meditation & Spiritual Development

Dee’s powerful yet gentle meditations are an absolute delight. Over the five weeks I attended, I found I was looking deeper into my inner world, and as each week progressed, this expanded, giving me many visions, insights and the gift of the most beautiful rainbow coloured beam of light, filtering through my body and radiating and expanding my aura. The powerful feeling of connection to Source was blissful, which has led me to use it for personal and planetary healing.

Sarah Curry – St Germain & the Violet Flame

Thank you – I feel a veil has been lifted! Having a bit of clear out, only to be expected, but for the first time in months, I slept solidly, missed the alarm this morning and felt no pain in my left hip at all!!!!! so that goes to show the power that we’ve worked with this weekend! thanks Sarah.

Sam Lyndley – Group Sound Healing

I attended a Sound healing session yesterday with Dee Isvh Vibrational Healing, it was SO powerful, knocked me off my feet for the rest of the day, woke up feeling refreshed and ready to play today though… Sam.

Teresa Prout – Group Sound Healing

Spend a few minutes listening to this sample of Dee’s amazing sound healing therapy. Dee’s monthly sessions are ideal for relaxation after a stressful week, helping you to drift away, enter a meditative state or just unwind, removing tension when you need it most, leaving you refreshed and calm.

Lyn Stones – Sound Healing

Dee is a talented and inspirational sound therapist. The vibrations created through Dee`s sound workshops merge effortlessly with those taking part. I would highly recommend Dee for your sound therapy