Reiki Sound Ray Healing

Buddha 718 x 220

 Reiki Sound Ray

Sound Heals Through Resonance

Sound healing works through the process of Resonance.  As sound is played on and around the body it vibrates through the aura, breaking down any blocked energy and clearing away the past. The energy field begins to harmonise with the sound, by copying the harmonic frequency, in other words, resonating in harmony.    These ancient singing bowls have been used for thousand of years by the Lamas and monks for meditation and to bring balance, peace and harmony. Reiki Sound Ray brings in the enlightening ray of the Ascended Master Djwal Khul for guidance, peace and inner truth.

Sound Healing with The Rainstick, Tibetan Bowls and Shakers

Sound Healing is deeply relaxing, the rainstick reminds us of the ocean waves, cleansing, healing and relaxing.  Tibetan Bowls will be played around you and may be placed on your body, the sound resonates into the body and is equivalent to ultra sound. The Reiki Sound Ray combines Sound with Reiki and the Ray of the Masters holding a Sacred Space for you to heal and transform.

This method of healing works in three ways:
* By directly stimulating the nervous system to rebalance, and  * By cleansing the aura and the chakras.
* Along with the deep body healing process know as ultra sound, as the bowls are placed on the body.

The deep relaxation stimulates the body to heal on a very deep level, bringing a quiet mind, inner peace and balance. Dee Banton has 25 years experience in healing and as a sound healer.

  • Sound stimulates deep relaxation
  • Relieves stress
  • Can reduce pain in some conditions
  • Stimulates the neutrons in the brain, increasing consciousness.
  • Aids in emotional and mental balance.
  • It the same as ultra sound, and supports deep healing of the body.
  • Stimulates your intuition and clairvoyance.
  • Helps to remember past lives.
  • Can gently aid and support the healing of past life trauma.
  • Connects you with your creativity and inspiration.

Sound Therapy 1.15 hrs £50.00

Gong Bath
One to one sessions, couples,  friends, groups and workshop support.

Relaxt to the healing tones of the Gongs

Tibetan Bowls – Tuning Forks – The Gong – Rainstick

32” Platonic Year Gong – 28″ Jupiter Gong – 20″ Symphonic Gong – 20″ Enlightenment Gong

Relax and enjoy the healing Sounds
Sound re-vibrates your Energy Field!
Giving you internal massage – Equivalent to ULTRA SOUND!!!
Releases tension & stress.
Bringing Inspiration & Creativity.
Opening your intuition and awareness!
Can release pain and support the healing process.
Stimulates past lives.
Opens a doorway to the higher dimensions.

One to one session 1.15 mins £50.00  Sessions for: Couple/Friends/Groups.