Reiki Crystal Ray Healing

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Reiki Crystal Ray

What to expect in a session

Our mind, body and emotions can often become overloaded with stress and everyday life situations.  Just like a car, our body needs a check up every so often, and crystal healing regenerates on all levels, bringing you into balance, ready to carry on with your every day life!  So give yourself a treat, know you are worth it, treat your self to some healing and a few hours out of your everyday life!

Relax with a Reiki Crystal Healing Session, this therapy is performed through clothing.  After an initial consultation you will relax on the therapy couch and be made comfortable with a pillow and a blanket!

A Crystal Grid will be placed around your body and crystals will be placed on and around your chakras.  A Crystal Wand will be used to activate the Crystal Grid and the Chakra Stones, combined with Reiki Ray hands on healing around the body and over the chakras. Reiki Crystal Ray includes a combination of Crystals and Reiki whilst the client is being held in the nurturing Ray of Ascended Master Kuthumi, whom governs the realm of elementals and devas.  Kuthumi is a second Ray Master on the Ray of the Love Wisdom Ray, and currently working with St Germain in overseeing the Golden Age that we are now entering.

How do Crystals Heal?

Crystals vibrate to a precise frequency and are used in many areas of life such as in computers and clocks.  Crystals have different structures and are know in family groups such as Silicates, Carbonates, Resins, each family or structure has different healing properties.  The most widely used crystals are Silicates, which cover around 75% of all the healing crystals.  When you hold a silicate crystal such as a quartz crystal, the heat from your hand stimulates a charge of energy know as piezoelectric, which means it creates a charge, or beam of energy.

So when crystals are used for healing, they are stimulated by the heat of the healers hands and by the body, to  create a charge of healing energy. Crystals  can be used by the therapist to  draw out negative energies and charge the chakras with light, stimulating the aura.  The crystal grid creates a protective shield around the body stimulating deep relaxation for the person receiving the healing.  Along with the crystals on the chakras a deep healing process takes place.

Will Crystal Healing help me?

Crystal healing will help with re-balancing of the mind, body and spirit. It can help with:

  • Stress Relief
  • Confidence, Self Esteem &  Self Acceptance
  • Grief, Bereavement
  • Spiritual Growth & Healing
  • Emotional Imbalances
  • Relationship Issues
  • Balances the Chakras
  • Clearing & Balancing the Aura
  • Regeneration of the Meridians
  • Tiredness
  • Physical Aches and Pains
  • Aids with the Healing Process of most conditions.
How will I feel after a treatment?

Everyone will have a unique experience.  Most often people feel relaxed and refreshed, balanced and energised by the treatment. During a session you may experience a release of energy patterns  and old emotions.  Stuck emotions can create pain in the body, so often pain will be released, leaving you feeling very balanced and positive.  Its a good idea to drink plenty of water after a healing session and allow yourself some time to assimilate the process.  Old thoughts may surface as you release and healing.

Dee Banton has 25 years experience as a healer and teacher, Teaching a Crystal Therapy Practitioner Course at the School.  Please call me if you would like a chat about Crystal Therapy or Training Courses.

Crystal Therapy 1.30 hrs £50.00

1. Azutire
2. Rhodocrosite
3. tigers eye