Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Quantum Healing Hypnosis
with Dee Banton

Dolores Cannon was well know and has written a number of  books with information that has been received through Quantum Healing Hypnosis.  When giving her sessions she came into contact with the “Great Power” that she was working with, which was beyond the “Sub Conscious, “the  “Source of Life,” with this method clients access a   “ Deep State of Trance.”  Going to the Source of all Consciousness.  It could be described as beyond your Higher Self, accessing a point for the person to talk and communicate with the Source, which has the answers to everything, and the person can also have instantaneous healing. Dolores say she is just the facilitator, and she makes that same connection with this  “huge energy”, in every person.

It was a pleasure to be at the Seminar with Dolores and to be taught how to facilitate Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy.  Now i can facilitate this “Healing Technique” for you.
“Imagine all your questions being answered”! Just write them all down and bring them along to the session.

QHHT is an advanced form of hypnosis that allows you to reach a deep state of trance and receive “Healing direct from the Source.” You will feel safe and secure at all times while your subconscious mind access information to be bought forward and viewed for your own process.  That process depends on the many questions you may have in life at the present moment.  You can spend time before you come, writing down and questions, or healing requests you have for yourself. People often recall past life experiences which are bought into the conscious mind for viewing.  Even lives for other planets may be viewed without re-action from your conscious self.  We can talk on the phone if you would like to discuss your session in more detail.

  • You can make an appointment by email or telephone.
  •  I will ask you to write a list of questions.
  • Everything you wish to know/all your questions answered.
  • Questions relating to your healing / the past  the future etc.
  •  The session will start with an interview which can be up to 2 hrs.
  • This will include some background of your life and your requirements from the session.  We will go through your questions, I can get to know you and the areas of your life that require change and healing. Preparing you for the  Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.
  • We will then begin quantum healing hypnosis, which usually lasts up to 2 hours.
  • All the sessions are recorded, sometimes when under this deep state of trance; the voice cannot always be recorded by the microphone.
Will QHH work with anyone?

Yes it will.  Dolores says that sometimes people resist but the process still happens for them!

QHHT 4 hour session: £150.00