Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? Flashes of De-Ja-Vous – but you can not recall the event or memory?  Why are we attracted to certain relationships and people?

We think of time as the past, present and future, we call this the time line.  As we reach certain ages in out life we link in with the memories and feelings from past lives and they can affect this present life.  As we grow up, we are constantly linking in with our past lives, so at 20, we are connecting along the time line to past lives when we were 20, and so this process continues in our life. We may have had traumas, which remains as a ripple in our energy field, and causes us to feel or experience some of the trauma, although in this life, there is not any traumatic experience happening in this life.

Often we are drawn to certain people, our partners or spouse may have shared a life with us before. It may have been a fulfilling life and you experience this again with the same person. Or your relationship of love, might have been cut short and you are here this life to fulfil and complete your time together.

Sometimes we have contracts and we are drawn to certain people to help each other get through difficult times.  There are many past lives that we have lived happily and been with our true love.  When we meet that person in this life we feel an immediate connection like a Soul Mate or Twin Soul.  Past Life Regression can help you complete and fulfil a current relationship, or release obstacles created in past lives.

Have you found yourselves drawn to a village, town or country?  In our DNA we have the memory of places we have lived, and often find ourselves returning to those places, finding that we just feel at home in a particular town or country.
If its a good memory, we will obviously be happy there, but sometimes we are drawn to places to heal both the land and ourselves. As we reconnect with our past lives, we then release blockages in our DNA which aids us in our own personal healing.

So how do Past Lives affect this life? And what are the signs of a Past Life?

Past lives can affect this life.

Past life trauma can affect your body in this life.

There can be feelings that you cannot understand which keeps surfacing and are unable to release.  This may be within yourselves or may involve another person.

Thoughts and memories may arise, but you are unable to relate them to what is happening in your life now.

You feel stuck in a town or village, and would like to move, but can not quite seem to do it?

You feel rooted in your past, and unable to life in the present.

What to expect in a session

Before you come for you Past Life Regression, make a note of any questions you have or issues you would like to understand and heal.  Then you will relax on the healing couch, to the soft voice which guides to into a type deep state meditation, and into a past life.

Session Time: 2 hours

Investment £75.00