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Reiki is an Ancient form of “Hands on Healing” performed through clothing.  The “Universal Life Force” is channelled through the healer to regenerate and re charge the healee’s aura and body. This stimulates the recipients immune system to restore and balance good health in the mind, body and spirit.

All illness firsts manifests in the aura, the mental and emotional body, so when we receive healing imbalances can be released, which can prevent a physical illness.  When we catch flu, colds etc, this is part of the body releasing blocked emotions and mental thoughts that have built up over a period of time.

Karuna Reiki is said to connect you to the Higher Dimensions, Ascended Masters and Angels as it is of a Higher Frequency of healing.  This session is performed with hands on healing and chanting of the Karuna Symbols, which is a beautiful relaxing and hypnotic session.  Karuna Reiki supports the healing of deep rooted issues and childhood trauma and provides a safe space for you to heal.

Our mind, body and emotions can often become overloaded with stress and everyday life situations.  Just like a car, our body needs a check up every so often, and crystal healing regenerates on all levels, bringing you into balance, ready to carry on with your every day life!  So give yourself a treat, know you are worth it, treat your self to some healing and a few hours out of your everyday life!

Relax with a Crystal Ray Session, which is a combination of Crystal Healing and Reiki, this therapy is performed through clothing.  After an initial consultation you will relax on the therapy couch and be made comfortable with a pillow and a blanket!

A Crystal Grid will be placed around your body and crystals will be placed on and around your chakras.  A Crystal Wand will be used to activate the Crystal Grid and the Chakra Stones, followed with hands on healing around the body and over the chakras.

Sound Healing is deeply relaxing, the rainstick reminds us of the ocean waves, cleansing, healing and relaxing.  Tibetan Bowls will be played around you and may be placed on your body, the sound resonates into the body and is equivalent to ultra sound.

This method of healing works in two ways, by directly stimulating the nervous system to rebalance, and cleansing the aura and the chakras.  Along with the deep body healing process as the bowls are placed on the body.

The deep relaxation stimulates the body to heal on a very deep level, bringing a quiet mind, inner peace and balance. Dee Banton has 25 years experience in healing and as a sound healer.

So what is DNA RepatterningIt is! Literally what is says! Scientists talk about our DNA, about how we are born with the DNA of our parents! Science tells us a lot, and actually they DO BACK UP the Alternative Therapy World! But for some reason most of us choose to ignore that fact. The above statement shows us that, we have the same patterning as our parents, so we are like our parents. It’s in our DNA Structure! As we grow up we copy out parents and learn their behaviors and mannerisms, in short.

 with Dee Banton – A Natural Clairvoyant Medium 

“Known Internationally for her “Inspirational and Accurate Readings. With over 25 years experience as a Clairvoyant Medium, Healer & Shaman.”

Have you ever wondered if you have lived before? Flashes of De-Ja-Vous – but you can not recall the event or memory?  Why are we attracted to certain relationships and people?

We think of time as the past, present and future, we call this the time line.  As we reach certain ages in out life we link in with the memories and feelings from past lives and they can affect this present life.  As we grow up, we are constantly linking in with our past lives, so at 20, we are connecting along the time line to past lives when we were 20, and so this process continues in our life. We may have had traumas, which remains as a ripple in our energy field, and causes us to feel or experience some of the trauma, although in this life, there is not any traumatic experience happening in this life.


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