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Reiki Transformed

The Traditional Usui Reiki has been though a transition with this new upgrade of Reiki called The Holy Fire!  The information and new symbol was bought into life by William Lee Rand in 2014, is described by William as “Powerful and Transformative.”  William has always been in the forefront of Reiki and most of us will find his name close to the top of our lineage.  For the training and teaching of Usui level 1 & 2, little has changed in format, but not to be fooled, as the Holy Fire Reiki begins to have its transformative effect on us in these early stages of training.

William Rand says:

“Holy Fire came quickly and unexpectedly into my life as I was not seeking something as powerful and transformative as this. I first became aware of it and that I’d be teaching it on Thursday, January 23, 2014 which is just one day before I was to teach an ART/Master class. I was shown the symbol, received the attunement for it and how to give the attunements during three morning sessions I had with a spiritual adviser I have been seeing regularly for the past 19 years.

It was also explained to me that the Holy Fire energy needed to connect to my system in a unique way and that this would require that the Tibetan symbols and the energy of the violet breath be released. These energies had served their purpose and had helped me advance to this point and were also valuable in the healing they facilitated for others, but it was important that I let go of them. Once I gave my permission, the Holy Fire energy came in and in a respectful way created the energetic changes necessary for this to take place. It was also explained that the Tibetan energies will remain appropriate and useful for those who have them and haven’t taken the Holy Fire Reiki training.”

Attunements are now called ‘Placements and Ignitions,’ these are directly given  from The Source of The Holy Fire, without the interference of the teacher.  The teacher facilitates and experience, (a meditation) for this process to take place.

For Reiki Advanced Training (ART)  and the Master Class, the student will receive a pre-ignition 24 hrs before the Master Ignitions which are directly given by the Holy Fire consciousness and allowing the Holy Fire to guide you directly through the process.   The training is usually held over 3 days and is a very deep transformative experience!

After the development of Holy Fire Reiki in Jan 2014, a further development came about for William Rand.  After consultation with his Spiritual Teacher Janice Jones, William says:
“I began thinking about the attunements that are given for Reiki I&II and ART and how they are the most intensive in terms of physical energy and wondered if Jesus could set them up to be like Ignitions so that physical activity wouldn’t be needed.  In a session with Janice Jones, Jesus indicated that this could be done. So in a series of sessions, Jesus further developed my energy field so I could do them and indicated they would be called Placements.  In addition, I received many additional sessions so that I would be able to pass on the placements.

A Webinar was setup to pass on this ability, for Holy Fire Reiki Masters, to be able to give placements instead of attunements. After December 2015, classes where taught by this method directly and called Usui Reiki Holy Fire 11.  The ability to give placements is now taught by all Masters of the Usui Holy Fire 11 ART / Masters latest upgrade.  The ability to give placements is passed on directly from the Holy Fire Source, by the Healing in the River of Life Experience, facilitated by the Master.

  • Anyone can train in Holy Fire Reiki 11, for a beginner, starting at Reiki 1.
  • Those qualified in Reiki 1, can continue straight on to Holy Fire Reiki 11 Training.
  • Those qualified in Reiki 11, can go straight to the Holy Fire 11 ART / Masters Training.

William Rand talks about the lineage of Holy Fire Reiki.

“Holy Fire has no lineage. Lineage as it is used with Reiki refers to the physical person who originally channeled the energy.  No one originally did this. Therefore, the lineage of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho will remains with Usui Sensei.  The lineage for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® will remain with William Lee Rand.  But we need to always indicate that the Holy Fire does not have a lineage.”

  • ICRT stands for International Centre for Reiki Training.
  • Register your certificate with ICRT at: http://www.reiki.org
  • Register your certificate by emailing a copy to: jan@reiki.org
  • If you wish, you can purchase further manuals from us, or ICRT once you are registered.
  • Once ordered you need to allow up to 3 weeks for delivery from the US.