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Light Transmission by Dee Banton


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For Relaxation and Meditation.
Dee Banton has been working as a healer for over 20 years. All instruments are natural sounds, played and produced by Dee Banton. The intention of this music is for the healing and transformation of all Sentient Beings.

PLAY TIME 63.29 mins

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This track is for relaxation. The crystal singing bowls are played in sequence to activate each of the 7 chakras. Crystal Bowls access information stored in our bones and spiritual DNA.

Specifically played to active the elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. The tuning forks directly affect the nervous system, healing and balancing our physical and
energetic bodies, activating keys and codes within us.

At this transformational time we are experiencing re-birth in this lifetime. At the time of birth & death we pass through the gateway of Arcturus, a place for healing and transformation.

All instruments are natural sounds, played & produced by Dee Banton.

Divine Temple by Dee Banton


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All Natural Sounds have been used in these recordings for healing and transformation. All instruments played by Dee Banton.

PLAYTIME: 60 Mins  Listen to Sample Tracks here
Make yourself comfortable, relax and listen to the healing tones of Tibetan Singing Bowls! and Shamanic Chants

Track 1. The Micro Cosmic Orbit. This a Guided Meditation combined with Tibetan Singing Bowls. Relax and follow this meditation to clear and balance the chakras, energize your auric field, bringing deep relaxation.

Track 2.  Divine Temple. Release tension and allow your body to relax with the healing sounds of the Tibetan Singing Bowls. Ideal for any healing or meditation session.

Track 3.  Soul Retrieval
Channeled by White Buffalo Woman, shamanic chants & the rain stick, to re-call the fragmented aspects of the Soul. Connecting with the elements earth, wind, rain & storm. The chants recall the fragmented aspects or your Soul – a form of Shamanic Healing.

This cd was inspired during a visit to Mount Shasta, California. Mount Shasta is a Sacred Mountain. It is believed that evolved souls from the ancient civilisation of Lemuria / Atlantis took up residence inside the mountain at the time of the devastation of Atlantis.

I AM in Heaven by Dee Banton

Keyboard and Soft Vocals.  Music for relaxation and healing.

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Playtime 68 mins.

Listen to Sample Tracks here

Track 1. I Am in Heaven 19.12 mins
Chants: I Am in Heaven, I see the light, Angels are everywhere.
Track 2. Eternal Sunrise 15.48
Track 3. Eternity 32.34
Chants: I have found my way, my way home, I am going home.

This CD has been created for healing and transformation.  Life is a constant process of change, as we process change internally, we transform, claiming aspects of ourselves form the past and past lives.  This music aids in the healing process of transition, coming into the light to experience peace, love and joy.