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Reiki Transformed

The Traditional Usui Reiki has been though a transition with this new upgrade of Reiki called The Holy Fire!  The information and new symbol was bought into life by William Lee Rand in 2014, is described by William as “Powerful and Transformative.”  William has always been in the forefront of Reiki and most of us will find his name close to the top of our lineage.  For the training and teaching of Usui level 1 & 2, little has changed in format, but not to be fooled, as the Holy Fire Reiki begins to have its transformative effect on us in these early stages of training.

William Rand says:

Holy Fire® Reiki Overview

Holy Fire® Reiki is a type of Reiki energy and a system of Reiki healing based on Holy Fire® energy. Mentioned in the Bible, Holy Fire® energy has been active in the world since ancient times. Based on sessions with the late Janice Jones, a spiritual adviser, our understanding is that God, working through the Holy Spirit created Holy Fire® energy and Jesus is the one who first brought this healing energy to the Earth. While the words Jesus, God and Holy Spirit, are used in religion, in the practice of Holy Fire® Reiki we do not consider them to be religious, but instead, consider them to be spiritual in nature.

It is important to keep in mind that the entire Holy Fire® Reiki system is not something I designed or created, but something that came to me as part of healing sessions I had with two talented spiritual healers who channeled illumined beings.

While Jesus was the spiritual master who introduced Holy Fire® Reiki, he is also part of a group called the Brothers and Sisters of the Light. This group is a combined force of all illumined beings and includes those beings from which all the world’s religions and spiritual paths have originated. Previously they were in the formless world but came into the world of form so they could assist us in the development, teaching and use of Holy Fire® Reiki.

Attunements are now called ‘Placements and Ignitions,’ these are directly given  from The Source of The Holy Fire, without the interference of the teacher.  The teacher facilitates and experience, (a meditation) for this process to take place.

For Reiki Advanced Training (ART)  and the Master Class, the student will receive  the Master  Placement, which is directly given by the Holy Fire consciousness and allowing the Holy Fire to guide you directly through the process.  During the 2nd and 3rd day you will receive 4 Ignitions, previously known as attunements.  The Holy Fire ® III full Masters  Training is usually held over 3 days and is a very deep transformative experience!

After the development of Holy Fire Reiki in Jan 2014, a further development came about for William Rand.  After consultation with his Spiritual Teacher Janice Jones, William says:
“I began thinking about the attunements that are given for Reiki I&II and ART and how they are the most intensive in terms of physical energy and wondered if Jesus could set them up to be like Ignitions so that physical activity wouldn’t be needed.  In a session with Janice Jones, Jesus indicated that this could be done. So in a series of sessions, Jesus further developed my energy field so I could do them and indicated they would be called Placements.  In addition, I received many additional sessions so that I would be able to pass on the placements.

A Webinar was setup to pass on this ability, for Holy Fire Reiki Masters, to be able to give placements instead of attunements. After December 2015, classes where taught by this method directly and called Usui Reiki Holy Fire 11.  The ability to give placements is now taught by all Masters of the Usui Holy Fire 11 ART / Masters latest upgrade.  The ability to give placements is passed on directly from the Holy Fire Source, by the Healing in the River of Life Experience, facilitated by the Master.

William says:

On September 21, 2018, while conducting classes, a new level of Holy Fire® energy appeared. Colleen provided guidance from Jesus that I was to teach these classes differently. Rather than provide a pre-Ignition as is done in the Holy Fire® II classes, I was to change it to a regular Ignition for a total of four Ignitions rather than three as was previously done.

As we have experienced Holy Fire® III, a new set of concepts have been given to us to explain the energy and the levels of healing that are taking place. The following is a description of the main ideas.

The Authentic Self
Within each person resides a compelling and extraordinary aspect of our inner nature that is composed of the pure, unaltered self. This part is connected directly to God consciousness and possesses the awareness and power of the Universe. It is unlimited in its ability to know and to do, and it is who we really are.

The Culturally-Created Self
When a person is born, he or she is dependent on his or her parents for food, shelter, clothing and physical contact; everything necessary to support the life of the child. This dependence creates a strong relationship between the child and its parents and forms the basis for the development of the child’s identity. The influence of the parents also teaches the child what is important in life and what is not.

Origin of Dormant Unhealed Energy
As a child grows into adulthood, it often becomes apparent to him or her that they exhibit behaviors that are not considered acceptable by adults. These behaviors can include angry shouting and screaming, crying, pouting, fearful shaking and so forth. Insecurity, anger, jealousy, impatience, selfishness, fear, sadness or other similar feelings are often a cause of these behaviors.

With the  Holy Fire ® Reiki and new understanding of the levels of consciousness was introduced, as the Heavens.  In Holy Fire ® III this was extended to 12 Heavens. It is very interesting reading about the 12 Heavens or, 12 levels of consciousness, as it helps you to process a deeper understanding of your own spiritual development and evolution.

  • Anyone can train in Holy Fire Reiki 111, for a beginner, starting at Reiki 1.
  • Those qualified in Reiki 1, from any linage,  can continue straight on to Reiki 11 of the Holy Fire ® 111 System.
  • Those qualified in Reiki 11, of any lineage, can go straight to the Holy Fire 111 ART / Masters Training.

William Rand talks about the lineage of Holy Fire Reiki.

“Holy Fire has no lineage. Lineage as it is used with Reiki refers to the physical person who originally channeled the energy.  No one originally did this. Therefore, the lineage of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho will remains with Usui Sensei.  The lineage for Holy Fire Karuna Reiki® will remain with William Lee Rand.  But we need to always indicate that the Holy Fire does not have a lineage.”