Reiki Drum Journey Workshop

Buddha 718 x 220
Reiki Drum Journeying Workshop
July 14th 2.00 to 5.00pm in Frome

Investment £35.00

Suitable for beginners and experienced

An afternoon with the Drum to Journey and meet your guide or totem animal, ask questions and receive healing.  In this afternoon workshop we will be exploring other realms, with the Reiki Drum Journeying, we will be able to experience at least two journeys, when we can communicate and strengthen our connection with our guides and learn about how we connect with our Inner Being.

Venue: Cheese and Grain, Room 3, Market Yard, Justice Lane, Frome BA11 1BE

Large Pay and Display car park and café downstairs

Book a place with me or, Click Here to book pay directly.

Advanced booking: Please bring a mat to lay on a pillow and cover.

For more info on Reiki Drum click here.

Latest Reviews for Reiki Drum Journey

I had four sessions of Reiki Drum Journey with Dee, and can’t recommend this experience highly enough! Reiki Drum Journeying works on a very deep subliminal level, ultimately showing you a way to change habitual patterns in your thinking that may be preventing you achieve your life’s higher purpose. The sessions I had definitely helped me see things more clearly, and reach a deeper understanding of myself and what I wanted to achieve. Dee has had years of experience treating people through a wide range of therapies, giving her a unique expertise in healing people and helping them transform their lives. For me, the Reiki Drum Journeying has been the most effective I’ve ever experienced.

Lu Hersey

I had never heard of Reiki Drum Journeying before. What a transformative experience! I asked for Dee’s help with issues around feeling fearful and overwhelmed. After the first session I felt a real calmness and clarity, the other three sessions seemed to work on a progressively deeper level clearing old stuck things . Dee brings such wisdom, kindness and insight to these sessions. I felt very held during and after the journeying work. I highly recommend the Reiki Drum journeying with Dee, it is a wonderful, nuturing and deeply effecting experience which changes old patterns forever.

Lottie Sweeney