El Morya and the Blue Flame

Two Day Workshop: 17 & 18th August 2019
Sat  17th Aug 10 to 5pm
Sun 18th Aug 10.00 to 4.30pm
Investment: 130.00
The course includes Veggie lunch and teas


Previous Experience: 
It will be beneficial if you have previously worked with the Voilet Flame or have completed Level 1:
St Germain and the Violet Flame with the School.

Level 11 of the Flame Initiations

El Morya is a 1st Ray Ascended Master who governs the Ray of Divine Will.  This module has been channelled directly by El Morya and is open to all whom hear his call!  This is an intense two day workshop, you will be Overseen by El Morya and His Divine Infinite  Love will embrace you.  You will be gifted with a Symbol, containing 3 symbols inside, as your toolbox to use in life for you, your family / friends and clients.  The Symbol contains a Sonic Code and it akin to the Elements of Water and Air and affects the Metal Meridian – Lung and Large Intestine, it can cleanse metals from the body, stabilise and focus your thoughts, aligning your mental body with Divine Will. The Flame contains the purest form of Silver and the trace elements required by the physical body.

“Thy Will not My Will”is El Morya’s Gift to mankind.

The Image of El Morya is Divinely Copyrighted by Peter and Birgitte Fish Christiansen  

The Outline for the Workshop is:
Working with the Silver Blue Flame and its directives:
  • Come under the Direct Guidance of El Morya
  • Right use of the Will
  • Purification of the Ego
  • Resolution of Karmic Situations
  • Resolving Karma along the timeline
  • Acknowledging Contracts and their benefits
  • Releasing timely completed Contracts
  • Releasing past attachments
  • Clarity and Insight
  • Removes Alien Implants
  • Opens the throat chakra to Divine Will communication and channelling
  • Speaking your truth, fulfilling your Destiny
  • Freedom – Inner Peace
You will receive:
  • The Tristar Symbol which includes 3 element symbols for your use, with instruction
  • Initiation directly downloaded from El Morya
  • Sonic Codes to fine tune and align you
  • Initiation process to lift Karmic Contracts and Situations ready to be dispersed
  • Raise your Vibrational Frequency to a Higher Level
  • Conscious understanding of your life to this moment
  • Detachment – from drama
  • Letting go of control patterns and outmoded beliefs through Divine Will
  • Understanding how and why implants are permitted
  • Meditations to integrate and understand the Silver Blue Flame and El Morya
  • Time for you to Re-Align- Design – Create
  • Manual for the Silver Blue Flame and its use
  • Certificate of Level 11 completion

We Bless You – We Love You – We Honour You