Development Evenings

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Development Evenings with Dee Banton

I would like to invite you to come along and try one of our  Evening workshops in Evercreech.   Enjoy the experience, meet like minded people and ask questions.  Please book early as there are limited spaces. Contact Us to Book.The workshops will be at one of the venues below:

VENUE: Reiki Enlightenment
Haven Cottage, 5 High Street, Evercreech, Shepton Mallet BA4 6HZ

VENUE: The Old Stores Studio
High Street, Evercreech BA4 6HZ
Opposite the church.

Sept & Oct 2019

Introductory evening in Evercreech from 7.00 to 8.30
Investment £10.00

5th September 2019
Ocean of Holy Love Meditation
This is a beautiful Meditation – Connecting and opening the Heart to Love, and introducing you to  the energy of  The Holy Fire.  The Holy Fire flame was introduced by William Rand and is used in the upgraded version of Holy Fire Reiki.  The Flame is often seen as a combination of all colours which strengthens our connection to the Source and opens the Heart. No experience required just come along and enjoy.

12th September
Reiki Drum Journey
Receive the Healing Energies of Reiki and the Drum.  Bring a mat to lay on, a pillow and cover. Reiki Drum is a form of Shamanic Journeying, the rhythm of the drum brings deep relaxation and allows you to experience other realms, where you can meet with your guides or totem animal, ask questions and understand the deeper meaning of a life situation.  Beginners and advanced welcome.

19th September
Violet Flame Meditation
St Germain introduced the Violet Flame as a method of healing, cleansing and transformation, anyone can use the Violet Flame.  Join us for a Guided Meditation and experience the Violet Flame for Healing and Transformation.

3rd Oct
Crystal Meditation Evening

Crystals are very healing and can be uplifting in every day life. Come along and see which Crystal you are drawn to. Every Crystal has a little Deva inside, which is a living light energy.  Experience a meditation to connect you to the Crystal Deva and receive healing, inspiration and messages.