Crystal Skulls


Crystal Skull Enlightenment

with Dee Banton

One Day  Workshop: Sun 19th May 2019

10.00 to 4.30pm  investment £60.00

Are you a Guardian of the Skulls!  
Join us for this: One Day Event
  •  Introduction to the Crystal Skulls
  • Opening to a Higher Consciousness
  • The Ancient Mayan Prophecy
  • Connecting to the Grid & the Ancient 13 Skulls
  • Your own personal friend
  • Opening the Heart Chakra  – Crystal Bowl & Sound
  • Over 80 Skulls – Ancient and Contemporary
  • No experience required
  • View some of our skulls click here

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The Mitchel Hedges Skull

The Mitchel Hedges Skull as seen in the picture above, is considered to be One of the Original Thirteen Crystal Skulls.  Meeting the Mitchel Hedges Skull transformed my life! The Skulls create a network of support for all of us Light Workers, the skull contains consciousness …. Time to expand yours now!

There are many stories and legends surrounding the Crystal Skulls. . . . .

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The Thirteen Crystal Skulls

According to old American Legend there are 13 Ancient Crystal Skulls, the size of humans skulls, with moveable jaws, that are said to speak or sing.  These skulls are said to contain important information about the origins, purpose and destiny of mankind and answers to some of the greatest mysteries of life and the universe. It is said that this information is not only important to the future of this planet, but vital to the very survival of the human race.  According to these ancient teachings, one day all of the crystal skulls will be rediscovered and brought together for their collative wisdom to be made available, but the human race must first be sufficiently evolved, both morally and spiritually, so as not to abuse this great knowledge.

Left: British Museum Skull. In the mid 1800s two full size crystal skulls, carved from one piece of quartz, were found in Mexico.   A number of museums at this time became interested by these very old artefacts.  The British Museum, The Museum of Mankind, acquired one of the skulls form Tiffany and Co, of New York, through Mr George Fredrick Kunz, who states that the skull was brought from Mexico by a Spanish Officer before the French occupation. It was sold to an English collector and acquired at his death by Eugene Boban, a French antique dealer, later becoming the property of Tiffany and Co. Now it can be seen in the British Museum.


Ami – Amethyst Skull

Right:Paris Skull. The second skull was acquired by France and is now in the  Trocadero Museum of Paris.

One of the most famous skulls, found in 1924 is the Mitchell Hedges Skull.