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At the Reiki Enlightenment School our courses and sessions will expand your Consciousness whilst inviting the Ascended Masters to connect directly with you from Source.

NEW! Online Live Reiki Courses – All Levels


The Usui System of Hands on Healing was upgraded in 2014 by William Rand after receiving information from the Brothers of Light and an energy upgrade.  This New Energy came with a new Symbol and named, Usui Holy Fire ® Reiki. New information and downloads of energy have taken the Holy fire ® to a new level, now called Usui Holy Fire ® III Reiki.

CORVID 19 and ONLINE REIKI Now this new system and its creation has become apparent during this difficult time of self isolation and restriction. In March 2020 William was directed to create and online Reiki Course to benefit all, and enable Reiki Masters to share and teach Reiki – Live Online. In the Holy Fire ® III Reiki System, attunements were replaced by a placement.  This method allows the student to directly receive a placement (attunement) directly from Source, empowered both the teacher and student and guiding us all to become our “Authentic Self.”

Your teacher Dee Banton is Affiliated with the International Centre for Reiki Training and teaches all levels Online from Reiki 1  to Art/Masters and Holy Fire Kauna Reiki ®. The Holy Fire energy comes from Source without the intervention of the Teacher/Master and gently instills Divine Love into the heart.

Usui Holy Fire Reiki II is a Complete System of Healing taught in three levels:

  • Usui Holy Fire Reiki I, Reiki II and ART / Masters
  • Holy Fire Karuna Reiki ® for Qualified Reiki Art/Masters
  • Online Reiki Training for all levels and Karuna
  • Reiki Masters Holy Fire ® III Online Teaching Program

For the more experienced Healer or Reiki II/Master level we offer three new exciting modules:

  • Reiki Sound Ray : Healing with Sound to practitioner level
  • Reiki Crystal Ray: Healing with Crystals to practitioner level
  • Teacher Training Courses for each module.
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